This Guy Installed Doom II on a Cardboard Box – the Results Are Awesome

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Doom and Doom II run on just about anything, from PC to smartphones to consoles and beyond. Doom runs natively on Raspberry Pi and there’s even a version for Amiga (providing you have the right GFX expansion).

But running Doom II on cardboard? No way, right?


Take bow, the GAMES made of CARDBOARD YouTube channel. Creator Bill Thorpe has finally done the unthinkable and recreated Doom II in full 3D colour printed glory – and even managed to include a cameo from id Software co-founder John Romero. 

Stitched together with a rhyming narrative, Thorpe’s Doom II in cardboard isn’t a static affair. With floating creatures on wires, monstrous moving mouths, and spinning chain guns, Bill’s passion for the game shines through the details. A new health meter face, burning creatures, dangling corpses, and more fake (we hope) blood than a kids’ Halloween party, not to mention judicious use of fire are just some of the highlights of this amazing creation. 

Hit play and enjoy. Then load up Doom II on your favourite system and join in the love for a true gaming classic.

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