1980s-Style Business Sim STONKS-9800 Now Out on Steam

1980s-Style Business Sim STONKS-9800 Now Out on Steam

Last Updated on July 19, 2023

STONKS-9800, a text-based stock market business sim set in 1980s Japan, has been released into Steam Early Access by Ternox Games.

(No, we don’t know why it’s called “STONKS-9800″…)

This unique game combines visual novel elements, stock market simulator gameplay, and retro anime and vaporwave aesthetics, offering players a nostalgic journey back to the economic growth of 80s Japan.

As you navigate the game, remember to prioritize your health alongside your business endeavors, as the rise of “karoshi” during that era cannot be forgotten.

Key features of STONKS-9800 include:

  • Experience the thrill of buying stocks, receiving dividends, and monitoring market prices.
  • Your decisions not only impact the market but also affect your own life within the game.
  • Take care of your health and avoid overworking to prevent ending up in the hospital.
  • Increase your level of comfort by investing in real estate and cars.
  • Manage your company with a controlling interest.
  • Choose to achieve success through legal business practices or engage in quick money-making through shady activities.
  • Enjoy various mini-games, including pachinko and horse racing betting.

Priced at £8.50 ($9.99/€9.75/¥1200), STONKS-9800 aims to create a relaxed and nostalgic atmosphere while also addressing more serious themes. If you fancy a retro-feel business sim, check it out on Steam.

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