Wireless Mod Kit For N64 Controllers Now Available From 8BitDo

Wireless Mod Kit For N64 Controllers Now Available From 8BitDo

Last Updated on June 1, 2023

Fancy an 8BitDo N64 controller mod to enable wireless gaming with the original game pad?

8BitDo is already well-known for its solid unofficial controllers. Their ‘Ultimate Bluetooth Controller,’ in particular, has garnered many positive reviews.

8BitDo‘s latest piece of tech is a mod kit for the original N64 Controller. Converting the controller from wired to wireless is the biggest selling point, as the controller will work with the Nintendo Switch.

That’s not all, as you can change the classic N64 joystick for a fancy new one that uses Hall Effect technology. Hall Effect Joysticks have been around for a while for things like Drone Controllers but are uncommon in the gaming space. These new sticks use magnets to detect movement. Since there’s no physical contact between the stick and sensor, they don’t wear like a traditional stick and aren’t susceptible to drift.

Finally, the mod kit has a rechargeable rumble pack with a USB-C port.

I can’t speak for the ease of installation, but it looks simple enough. The procedure doesn’t require soldering, and a full installation video is available on 8BitDo’s YouTube channel.

At the time of writing, all variations of the 8BitDo N64 controller mod are out of stock, but if you’re interested in grabbing one, keep an eye on the official page.

It’s taken a while but gone are the days when unofficial controllers were so bad you felt embarrassed handing one to a guest! Nowadays, controller modifications are big business for competitive games. It’s nice to see that technology revitalizing old-school hardware.

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