90s-Style Adventure The Dark Prophecy Game Hits Current Gen Consoles

90s-Style Adventure The Dark Prophecy Game Hits Current Gen Consoles

Last Updated on September 12, 2022

As you may have seen in our review, The Dark Prophecy game is a current-gen console with 1990s-classic adventure leanings, an atmospheric fantasy tale set in a magical Middle Ages.

Populated by knights, and peasants, the game features various interesting characters presented against a backdrop of witchcraft and wizards, castles and kinds, and much more.

Taking the role of Jacob, an ordinary village boy who aims to speak to the royal magician, the adventure features a ton of puzzles and challenges to overcome.

The The Dark Prophecy is from Ratalaika Games and begins as follows:

Jacob, sitting by the night lake, receives a message from one of the magicians of the neighbouring kingdoms. He must get to the arch mage of his kingdom, Merlin, in order to convey an important message to him – otherwise, Jacob’s entire kingdom and village will perish within a day. His path to the castle  begins very modestly – right in his village. First, he will have to find a way to get into the village witch’s hut and then carefully study the familiar landscape in order to find something new and hidden from public view.

Our reviewer Bhavdeep Soor observed that The Dark Prophecy game is shorter than most RPGs, but that’s something you might prefer over 100-hour long RPGs. “The best part about this game was an unexpected plot twist which caught me off-guard but proved oddly hilarious.”

Like many 90s adventure games, The Dark Prophecy lets you:

  • look at something (study visually),
  • explore the environment and find solutions to move the plot forward,
  • try to touch everything that he meets on the way,
  • start dialogues with other characters, choose answer options in dialogues,
  • make the main character go somewhere,
  • use items from your inventory on environmental items or on each other,
  • solve puzzles,

This pixel-style game features great replayability, and with 18 detailed and beautiful locations with unique musical themes, The Dark Prophecy is an affordable retro-feel game you can order from September 16th, 2022 on Nintendo Switch and Sony PlayStation.

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