Star Fox 64 and Its Sequel Receive 60FPS Treatment in New Patch

Star Fox 64 and Its Sequel Receive 60FPS Treatment in New Patch

Last Updated on September 29, 2022

Modder KandoWontu has released a new patch for Star Fox and its sequel to be unlocked in 30FPS and 60FPS.

Unfortunately this SNES classic doesn’t work on its original console but it does run on emulators such as SNES9X, BSNES, MESEN, and Retroarch SNES9X after applying the patch to Star Fox 1.2. Kando highlights that pressing A+B on the title screen allows you to see an FPS counter, in either mode.

Another patch was also added into the mix, where the modder provides details and instructions on how to run Star Fox 2 in 60FPS and get the best quality out of the game. Kando explains his work behind the patch:

“The game has 3 IRQ routines to complete the game cycle of strats (movement/attack/health/etc routines), drawing the screen etc. It does this in 3 game cycles, which limits the game to 20FPS at max.

“What has been done is the IRQ routines have been programmed to run right after each other without waiting a game cycle, from irq 2-3 for 30fps mode and from irq 1-2-3 for 60fps mode. Additionally, every frame will also be drawing as well as doing the strats. What has been done is the strats will only process every 2/3 frames for 30/60fps while still drawing it every frame. This slows the game back down to its ORIGINAL pace. Also attached is a FULL SPEED patch that does not slow the game down to its original pace (just for fun).”

This isn’t the only modded development we will witness for the Star Fox series. In fact, the Star Fox Exploration Showcase will introduce various original features to the game consisting of multiplayer, new weapons and maps, and more!

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