A Farm Simulator for Amiga Is in Development!

Farmiga Farm Simulator for Amigas

Incredibly, 30 years after the last Amiga was released, the world of Amiga gaming continues to expand. Now, it has a farm simulator game!

Polish developer Tukinem is working on a game called Farmiga. It’s a farm simulator for the Amiga, currently in the alpha stage, which currently lets you grow and harvest crops and manage cows.

In the game’s current version, the following features work:

  • you can plant potatoes
  • the smoothness of the framerate is improved
  • better graphics of the house and WC is added
  • after opening the doors of the WC you can find a moonshine distillery
  • in the current version you can produce only one bottle of moonshine

Head to the developer’s itch.io page to download the farmiga.adf file.

Based on the information currently available, Farmiga appears to be a combination of Farmville, Farming Simulator, and the “farm shop manager” game I have had in my head for the past 5 years. I’m not saying Tukinem has extracted my ideas through some ssort of digital dark arts, but you never know these days.

Seriously, it’s a cool idea, so why shouldn’t a talented game developer use it?

(Need inspiration for a new game? I have other ideas…)

Not convinced by Farmiga, or that a farm simulator can work on older platforms? In that case, you probably missed Farming Simulator‘s C64 Edition