A New Mod Mashes Classic Doom and Half-Life 2

Doom and Half-Life 2 mashup mod

If you ever wanted to play Doom and Half-Life 2 at the same time (we know, you only just realised how amazing that would be) a new in-development mod will almost make that happen.

Developed by Penggrin and set to be hosted on ModDB, the “main goal is to recreat DooM [sic] experience in Half-Life 2.”

Currently a work in progress, Penggrin describes Half-Life 2: Doom Edition as a “very cool mod” and invites anyone to make maps for it. These would need to be in Half-Life 2‘s Source SDK kit, which should be installed with the game. Developing new maps is worth checking out if you haven’t done so before. This ModDB guide explains how to make Half-Life 2 maps, complete with video tutorials.

While Half-Life 2-based games are in short supply if you don’t own a VR helmet, Doom continues in development, with new versions every few years. We also understand id Software is currently working on a new FPS, which might well be a new entry in the series.

Half-Life 2: Doom Edition looks like a fun new way to play Half-Life 2. Or Doom. And if you want more Doom mash ups, there’s even a mod in development that collides it with the Quake world.

In the meantime, you can run Doom on just about any device you own. Hurt me plenty!