A500 Mini Firmware Updates Brings Amiga ADF Support and More! [UPDATED]

It’s finally here! Retro Games Ltd has issued the first A500 Mini firmware update, which adds a host of features to the Amiga emulation system.

However, you might want to hold on before updating (scroll to the end to learn why).

As stated in the announcement post on Facebook, the update brings these features to the A500 Mini:

  • ADF (floppy) file support
  • Playlist support
  • Hot-Crop
  • Keyboard control of the user interface
  • Allows the Virtual Keyboard to be accessed at all times
  • Allows controllers to be physically swapped during play
  • Swaps our THEJOYSTICK fire buttons
  • Fixes the Virtual Keyboard Cursor-Right button

  Here’s how it was announced:

These features should make using the A500 Mini to enjoy your favourite Amiga games even simpler. Aside from the ADF support, the playlist feature looks particularly interesting.

A playlist makes choosing multi-disk games a quick single click and avoids issues with miss-selecting files, and are required for games having more than three disks, though they can be created for games with three or less if you want.

Meanwhile, the ADF support also allows the selection of a particular Amiga model (A500, A500+, A1200), with Expert mode enabling dual Kickstart versions for each. Explore the features in depth on the A500 Mini firmware release notes page.

We’re just waiting for the A500 Mini firmware update to download, and aim to have some thoughts on it soon.

Don’t install the A500 Mini firmware yet!

While meeting all of its aims, the A500 Mini update has a bit of a bug: save games are deleted. In addition, various other hacks such as GUI access are impacted. Retro Games Ltd are aware of the problems, however.

As with any firmware or software update, it’s always worth being a day or two behind, just in case bugs occur and further updates are required…

Now you can install the A500 Mini Firmware 1.1.1 Update!

Retro Games Ltd has done a superb job of fixing the issues with the initial firmware update. Earlier today, the revised release was made available to download, which along with the enhancements listed in the initial update, makes the following repairs:

  • Fixes v1.1.0 Saved Game issues (missing saves and UI freezing)
  • Fixes v1.1.0 Emulator gui access
  • Fixes v1.1.0 speed reduction in some circumstances

Grab the A500 Mini firmware update 1.1.1 now!

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