A500 Mini to Run Amiga ADF Files, Large Version Likely

A500 Mini to Run Amiga ADF Files, Large Version Likely

In wondering if you can run Amiga ADF files on the A500 mini? Fancy a bigger model with a working keyboard?

You might be in luck.

Retro Games LTD’s Chris Smith was a guest on the most recent edition of the retro hour, where he was quizzed about the possibilities for the A500 Mini going forward. In a wide-ranging conversation that took in the reaction to the device (still in pre-release, remember) and a few challenges in its construction, Smith answered some questions that have been on the lips of many potential and actual buyers of the A500 Mini.

On the matter of running ADF formal files, he says “Disk swapping means you need a user interface… there are various ways of doing it. ADF support was, to be honest, a bit of a no-brainer.”

Meanwhile, when quizzed the idea of a ‘Maxi A500’ Chris replies: “It won’t be a ‘maxi A500’ as that would be a beast on the desk. We’ll probably choose a slimmer or different form factor. It’s diffcult to judge the market for it, but as long as we can make it financially viable… it’s something we’ll definitely look at doing.”

Elsewhere, Smith observed how blown away his team has been with the reaction to the A500 Mini, despite it still being a week from release: “You’re never quite sure how the public are going to take them… we’re astounded by the buzz we’re hearing around the A500.”

Check out the episode below. The interview with Chris Smith starts at 11:10.

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