A500 Mini Landing in the USA and Canada at Last!

A500 Mini Landing in the USA and Canada at Last!

Last Updated on May 28, 2022

If you bought an A500 Mini on Amazon here in the UK, you could expect it to arrive tomorrow. That has been the case for some weeks now, if not since its April 8th release. But it isn’t the case in other parts of the world, where publicised supply chain issues lead to delays in this and many other products.

For example, Amiga fans in the US and Canada have been waiting patiently for the A500 Mini to arrive. That wait is about to come to an end! On the Retro Games Ltd Facebook page, buyers and potential buyers across the Atlantic were reminded:

The post reads:

Who is excited for getting their #THEA500 mini in the #USA finally! If you haven’t preordered and your in the USA or #canada please do grab one now as stock is mostly spoken for already and won’t last long, and no new stock till towards the back of the year! #retrogaming Only a few more days to wait now!

If you’re in the USA or Canada you can order The A500 Mini on Amazon and expect to see it from May 31st, 2022. You might also fancy an extra Amiga-style mouse (TheMouse) which is available from mid-to-late June. UK Amiga fans and nostalgists can grab an A500 Mini on Amazon or in some stores, along with TheGamepad (an Amiga CD32-inspired controller) and the Amiga-style TheMouse.

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