All the Fan-made Half-Life 2 Comics in One Archive

All the Fan-made Half-Life 2 Comics in One Archive

Last Updated on September 22, 2022

Many years ago, a collegaue introduced me to “Concerned”, probably the most famous of all the Half-Life 2 comics. Written by by Christopher C. Livingston and featuring a lead character called Gordon Frohman, the series was a collection of often hilarious observations about the HL2 world and odd events in City 17.

For a time, this was difficult to find, as were many other webcomics from the world of Gordon Freeman. But that has all changed with the establishing of an online archive of Half-Life 2 comics at MetroCop. While the current size of the archive is a new development, and the website has had an overhaul, MetroCop has been running since 2012, satiating a creative community of Half-Life 2 refugees with comics and essays. The archive doesn’t just include webcomics — news, articles, and reviews can also be found there.

Featuring “My Last Night in Ravenholm” along with 704 others (including “Kenny the Cop” and “Jeff“), the collection also includes the remarkable “Apostasy“. Almost all Half-Life 2 webcomics rely on posing models and scenes in Garry’s Mod, and veer across the genres from horror to comedy.

Curiously, “Concerned” is not among the comics in the archive. But that shouldn’t hold you back, as there is an immense amount of reading to enjoy.

(PC Gamer)

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