Amiga 500 Revival System Teased By C64 Mini Makers

Amiga 500 Revival System Teased By C64 Mini Makers

Last Updated on June 3, 2023

Since the launch of the C64 Mini by Retro Games Ltd, 16-bit fans have been calling out for an Amiga revival. It doesn’t really matter how big it is (a working keyboard would be great for the more in-depth titles) – just as long as Amiga games can get a fresh run out.

Sadly, it had been thought that the licensing for the Amiga was too heavily tied up between multiple holders. Instead, we would be left only with clones and other systems that don’t bear the “Amiga” name. Perhaps a Raspberry Pi. The Armiga certainly didn’t catch on, after all.

Bit then Retro Games Ltd set its Facebook page alike with a teaser that appears to show an Amiga remake to sit alongside its C64 remake and C64 Mini system.

Here’s how it was announced:

Right now, this is all we know. But if it means there is a new Amiga computer coming along in 2021, Amiga fans finally have something to look forward to.

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