Analogue Launches Super Nt and Nt mini Noir, Sells Out Same Day

Analogue Super Nt

If you’re going to produce jaw-droppingly sexy hardware, you’ve got to face the consequences of pissing people off. Analogue, producer of ultra modern retro gaming gear, has disappointed many with the seemingly instant sell out of the Super Nt and Nt mini Noir just hours after release.

Despite restocking, both devices are now once again unavailable – possibly forever.

With such curvaceous lines and the potential for retro gaming in modern hardware, you can understand why people might be sad. After all, it’s been a long wait. Despite the restock, Analogue’s alt-universe retro gear is now out of stock – at least until the Analogue Pocket finally becomes available in October 2021.

We’re not expecting that one to last long, either…