ART&.. More Now Available on PlayDate

ART&.. More Now Available on PlayDate

New PlayDate release from Ledbetter Games is ART&.. More, the third part of a trilogy of titles for the handheld, crank-controlled console.

Ledbetter Games has produced a trilogy of open-world art gallery adventures for the Playdate handheld system. The first title, ART7, was released on July 7, 2022, and was an interactive 1-bit art gallery that held secrets in its gameplay.

The Halloween follow-up, ART-O-Ween: Night at the Gallery, expanded on the original with a spooky adventure game set in the expanded open-world environment.

The most recent update, ART&.. More, is a massive rebuild of the open-world gallery environment with 4+ floors of exhibits, new puzzles/ambient narrative, an aquarium to fill up by fishing in the environment, and the PROTOCADE, an arcade within the game featuring 6 prototype arcade games.

This title follows news of a considerable slew of new PlayDate releases.

The new Version 1.6 includes updates to fishing, the Memory Portal, Lazer Shark, HEAVEN, and the PROTOCADE. A new series of free galleries, called ARTtOOs, has also been released. Each ARTtOO is a standalone PDX file that can be downloaded and experienced as a gallery. The first ARTtOO features the Playdate Camera from Tom Granger.

A free digital guide to the ART series is also available. This guide covers ART&.. More, ART-O-Ween, and ART7, and includes tips and tricks for each game, as well as full spoilers (clearly marked).

Ledbetter Games also has a merch shop where you can buy fun shirts, socks, and cases for all of their releases, including CHEK, Dog kNOwSE, the ART series, and future games.

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