Atari 2600 The Empire Strikes Back Ported to C64

The Empire Strikes Back C64

Back in 1988 publisher Domark released Star Wars II: The Empire Strikes Back as a sequel to its earlier success, Star Wars. Again relying on the heavy vector line graphic environment, The Empire Strikes Back is another strong conversion of an arcade Star Wars game.

However, Atari owners got to enjoy a completely different game. A side scrolling shooter pitting a snowspeeder against an army of AT-ATs, the aim is to protect the rebel base on Hoth from attack. Released on the Atari 2600 in 1985, it’s a game that made a major diversion from the recognised Star Wars game look at the time, but in terms of a concept, it’s one that stands up.

So much so that indie devs Megastyle Productions are working on a Commodore 64 version. Check out these tweets teasing the Atari console take on The Empire Strikes Back.

Pretty much everything about this is awesome, but just take a look at the AT-AT!

Initially planned to arrive in 2020, it looks likely that the game won’t arrive until 2021, missing the movie’s 40th anniversary by a few months. In the meantime, if you’re keen to celebrate Empire Strikes Back on the C64, here’s the old Domark Empire Strikes Back adaptation for C64.

(Via RetroGamerNation)