David Crane and Dan Kitchen Launch Audacity Games, New Atari 2600 Games!

David Crane and Dan Kitchen Launch Audacity Games, New Atari 2600 Games!

Last Updated on March 16, 2021

A legendary name from the classic era of video gaming, David Crane, is throwing his joystick back into the ring. The Activision co-founder has formed a new retro gaming studio, Audacity Games, with Garry Kitchen and Dan Kitchen.

A pioneer of the 8-bit gaming era, Crane was a driving force behind the concept of quality home gaming. This was best demonstrated in Activision largely abandoning the notion of arcade ports in favour of original titles. Crane’s credits include notable entries in the annals of retro gaming: Pitfall, Ghostbusters, Little Computer People, and many more.

First from Audacity Games is Circus Convoy, a brand new Atari 2600 cartridge with a companion digital version with the same serial number

Circus Convoy is by David Crane and Garry Kitchen and is essentially a fast-paced mix of classic Atari gaming types. It’s a smart opening release from Audacity Games; meanwhile, a second release, Casey’s Gold (by Dan Kitchen) is set for release in June 2021.

A word of warning: Audacity Games is aimed at well-heeled retro gamers, with cartridges available at three pricing editions. The standard edition has a recommended retail price (RRP) of $55-65, while the Collector Edition RRP is $99. The VIP Collector Edition has low serial numbers and is set to retail for $140.00.

As well as ranged serial numbers, other additional features are available. These include things like autographed boxes, posters, certificates of authenticity, and much more.


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