Back Florin’s ZX Spectrum Haul of Games

FusionRetroBooks new ZX Spectrum title

After launching in the 1980s, British home computer the ZX Spectrum sold 5 million units over 10 years, leaving a legacy of popular games and affordable computing. So indelible was its impact that games continue to be released 25 years after production stopped.

Harking back to the days of monthly computer magazines, Florin’s ZX Spectrum Haul of Games features self-confessed Speccyholic Paul Davies leading fellow 8-bit fanatics back to the glory years of gaming, resulting in an entertaining take on the world through the lens of the amazing ZX Spectrum, from

At 170 pages long, Florin’s ZX Spectrum Haul of Games is an A5 hardbook collection of the best of Davies’ musings on the incredible world of Spectrum gaming, with Foreword by David ‘Magic Knight’ Jones.

Like a gaming magazine, Florin’s ZX Spectrum Haul of Games offers game facts, tips and trivia.

Don’t miss the chance to back Florin’s ZX Spectrum Haul of Games. Look out also for the stunning Trevor Storey cover art, which can be bought as a canvas, or on a mug, aluminium print, or mouse mat. Each book is £9.99, and is part of a crowdfunder (currently 63% contributed) that ends January 31, 2021, so head there today to pack this project.