Blast from the Past: We Sing Rock Launch Event, 2011

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I stumbled across an old article earlier today, which took me right back to the launch of the Nintendo Wii game We Sing Rock, which I was invited to back in 2011.

You may know that Gaming Retro isn’t my first website. When I’m not editing and contributing to MakeUseOf and writing about Raspberry Pi for Linux Format, I’m usually found working on some other, morre personal project (or playing games on old systems). But long ago, I ran several websites. One of them continues as a podcast ( while another lives on in a Twitter account (@thegadgetmonkey).

It was for that site that I was invited to the We Sing Rock launch, at a London location far from my North Yorkshire home. Having just become a father of twins, I was a bit reluctant to travel, but encouraged by my sister (who still lives in London) I made the journey down, taking a train, laptop, and mobile phone.

I wrote about the event once the PR company involved with the game gave its approval.

Back in November we were invited to the launch of the We Sing Rock launch event in London’s Leicester Square. With X Factor loser Kitty turning up to provide an excellent professional demonstration, the highlight of the evening was naturally seeing a lot of people having a go at some of the greatest British rock songs…

As it turned out, however, your editor also had the opportunity to sing… although not the track he would have wanted:

Yep, that’s me singing The Animal’s “House of the Rising Sun” at the recent launch of Nordic Games’ We Sing UK Hits and We Sing Rock, both for Nintendo Wii.

As you will see from the clips, while there wasn’t the opportunity to try the game properly (the live group was a little too loud!) everyone had a great time and you could do far worse than get yourself a copy of one of the great games from the We Sing series!

That’s right: I got up and sang, quite badly if that video is anything to go by. It was a good night out, all in all, with plenty of goody bags with copies of the game inside. Much drinking was enjoyed, and I’m sure plenty of people made new friends that night. I had a bit of a bad head for the train journey home the next day, ISTR, and opted to get a bus home from the station rather than walk the last mile.

Somehow I managed to come home without a copy of We Sing Rock, however, although I’m pretty certain my sister ended up with one…