Blaze Announces Game of the Month Bonus for Evercade VS Owners

Blaze Announces Game of the Month Bonus for Evercade VS Owners

Last Updated on October 9, 2023

Evercade VS owners are in for a treat over the next few months with the introduction of its new Game of the Month bonus feature.

Kicking off on Friday, April 8th, Game of the Month delivers a new indie game direct to an Evercade VS system over the air. It’s a great new feature that is enabled thanks to the Wi-Fi connectivity and easy update process (curcial for fixing bugs and tweaking game optimizations) that is part of the VS.

Game of the Month commences with Tapeworm Disco Puzzle, from Lowtek Games. Created by Alastair Low, who created Flea!, this is a puzzle game that puts you in the, uh, shoes (?) of a DJ tapeworm.

But you’ll only have a month to play Tapeworm Disco Puzzle. After all, this new bonus feature is called Game of the Month.

So, what is going on?

Titles from the Indie Heroes Collection 2 appear as Game of the Month bonus releases on Evercade

Well, the Game of the Month feature is giving Evercade VS owners a game, a month, but once all 10 have been available to sample, they’ll be available to buy on the forthcoming Indie Heroes Collection 2 cart. However, games will only last for a month, and save states will only be retained for the same period, and wiped when the update is applied.

In short, you get a game to play each month, but once the month is over and a new system update is received, the game is replaced. You get to sample Indie Heroes Collection 2 before it’s released, then buy the physical cartridge. The release date and pre-order period will be announced at a later date.

To get the Game of the Month feature, boot your Evercade VS, go to Settings > System > Update and grab firmware 2.1.0. At the time of writing, the latest firmware available was 2.0.4, so presumably the servers are being updated to provide 2.1.0 throughout the week.

The Game of the Month bonus will be available via a new star icon on the left-hand menu bar. That’s where you’ll find the game, along with the option to play or use the Competition Mode, a new feature that Blaze is yet to reveal details of, but will be announced soon.

(Evercade Facebook Page)

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