Castlevania Is Being Ported to the Sega Master System

Castlevania Is Being Ported to the Sega Master System

Last Updated on February 8, 2023

A programmer named Xfixium is working on bringing Castlevania to the Sega Master System. It’s very early days for the project, but Xfixium has treated us to peek behind the curtain, and so far, it looks fantastic.

The project doesn’t just look the part; it sounds it too, and beautiful renditions of several pieces of music have already been assembled.

The soundtrack is being put together by Louis The SEGA Nerd. His YouTube channel is jam-packed with impressive remixes from several popular titles, including Streets of Rage 2 and Street Fighter 2. The soundtrack is in good hands, and I recommend checking his channel out.

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Xfixium has been answering questions on the SMSpower forums and explains that many things shown are placeholders and are subject to change. One keen-eyed poster noted that the playable character in the Castlevania preview is Trever Belmont instead of Simon, but this and many other things will be fixed as the project continues.

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