Classic Run and Gun Shooter Rolling Thunder 2 Comes to Playstation and Switch

Classic Run and Gun Shooter Rolling Thunder 2 Comes to Playstation and Switch

Last Updated on June 3, 2023

Namco’s classic run and gun shooter, Rolling Thunder 2, is now available on the PlayStation store and Nintendo eShop. Hamster Corporation released the game as part of the Arcade Archives collection.

Namco’s Rolling Thunder series started life in the arcades in 1986. At first glance, it plays like a typical 2D side-scrolling shooter, but combat has a strategic edge. The player can hide behind boxes and even take cover in doorways to avoid gunfire.

The gameplay has a much slower pace, which is good, as a couple of mistakes are all it takes to kill you.

Rolling Thunder was successful enough to warrant two sequels. These are the titles most players are familiar with as they came out on the Sega Genesis/Mega Drive. Rolling Thunder 2 also saw success as an arcade release.

I never played the arcade versions, but I have fond memories of Rolling Thunder 2 on the Mega Drive. It’s a punishing game as you die so quickly, but it’s not a mindless shoot-fest. Most situations can be beaten with a little planning, making Rolling Thunder stand out against other shooters.

Sadly, the series has been dormant since 1993, and this Arcade Archive release is unlikely to change that. On the plus side, Rolling Thunder 2 and 3 are superb and feel great to play even today.

Hamster has released well over 300 games with the Arcade Archives label on PlayStation and Nintendo Switch. You can view the entire library on their official website.

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