Closure of PlayStation Vita Store Means No More New Games

Closure of PlayStation Vita Store Means No More New Games

Just when you thought things were bad enough, the PlayStation Store closure has impacted the release of at least one new game.

Incredibly, new games are still released on Sony’s portable PlayStation Vita. Consequently, news of the impending death of the PlayStation Store for pre-PS4 devices has had a wider impact than expected.

At least six months from release, there is no chance of the untitled game launching before the PlayStation Vita store closes. Lillymo Games aren’t the only studio hit by the closure. ScourgeBringer from Flying Oak Games will be released but the clock is ticking on the PlayStation Vita.

Of course, the PlayStation Vita has had a good run, launching in 2011 in Japan, 2012 everywhere else. Physical production ending as recently as 2019. Will the PS Vita rise again some day? Undoubtedly when PS Vita Card media becomes affordable to indie developers interest will revive in the platform. Until then, perhaps start exploring that back catalogue of PlayStation Vita games you overlooked back in the day.

(Via Eurogamer)

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