DOOM Candy Bars, WAD Commander, and Play DOOM in Notepad

DOOM Candy Bars, WAD Commander, and Play DOOM in Notepad

Last Updated on October 27, 2022

As we approach Halloween 2022, the biggest DOOM news out there is that the Adafruit team has turned a Milky Way chocolate bar into a receptacle for DOOM.

The accompanying video demonstrates how good this looks, but at the time of writing there doesn’t appear to be any guide or even parts list for installing DOOM in your own chocolate bar.

WAD Commander Plays DOOM in Your Browser

Remember downloading WAD files for DOOM and DOOM II only to find they didn’t work quite right? Often this could be frustrating, perhaps suggesting missing component files. If only there had been some way of testing the files before adding them into the directory…

Well, now there is. But WAD Commander is so good, not only does it check WADs in your browser (Chrome, Firefox, Safari, and Edge are all supported) it also plays the main game’s iWAD (internal WAD) files. If you don’t own DOOM (what the hell is wrong with you) it will also run FreeDoom or the shareware version of DOOM.

Check it out at

DOOM in Microsoft Notepad

You may have already heard about this, but if not, it’s DOOM in Notepad — but not quite how you’re expecting.

The long history of running DOOM in anything (see above) has brought us to an impressive effort that isn’t really running DOOM, but viewing it.

As its creator states: “this notepad.exe is 100% unmodified – same one you have!” While this doesn’t provide all the answers, the implication is that the game is running through Notepad as a sort of display server.

i’ll release it soon. doom inside of notepad. simple as. – the footage is not sped up – i have not modified the code of notepad.exe at all – this is fully playable interactive live, zero fakery. this is exactly what it looks like. – this is your fault

So much classic DOOM news!

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