DOOM Community Mega WADs in New Re-release

The DOOM classic Unity port has been made available this week on GOG, following previous release on Steam, Sony PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch, Microsoft Xbox One, iOS, and Android since its announcement in 2019.

(It’s basically the original game ported to Unity, making porting to modern systems simpler.)

With its re-release on GOG, Bethesda has released details of how the game makes it simple to add classic DOOM add-ons. These fan-community designed mods are amazing, ideal for anyone looking for a new dose of DOOM or DOOM II action but who needs a new challenge. As you’ll see in the video, some of these add-ons take the traditional DOOM experience in a whole new direction.

Installation is pretty straightforward, too.

Add-ons offer some of the DOOM community’s most incredible creations, straight to your game. Just visit the in-game Add-ons menu in our re-release of DOOM (1993) or DOOM II and slay your way through countless hours of new worlds and experiences” for no additional charge!

Add-ons currently available for DOOM and DOOM II: Anomaly Report, Arrival, BTSX Episode 1 & 2, Deathless, DOOM Zero, Double Impact, Earthless: Prelude, No End in Sight, No Rest for The Living, Rekkr, Revolution!, Sigil, Syringe, The Plutonia Experiment, TNT: Evilution and more coming soon.

You can see a full list of add-ons and learn more about these WADs at the DOOM Wiki.

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