DOOM Mod Feels Like a Whole New Batman Game

DOOM Mod Feels Like a Whole New Batman Game

Last Updated on November 21, 2022

New Batman DOOM mod is the game you always wanted.

It’s amazing how an iconic game can be transformed into something completely new by changing its aesthetic, story, visuals and characters. A developer known as “Team RayCast” have taken the Doom gameplay engine and reimagined it into the project, Batman Rogue City.

A recent trailer revealed the mods graphics, turning them into a style more suited recognisable and comic book style that screams Batman. This mod includes being able to punch enemies, use a grappling hook, stun gun and batarang, fight bosses like Mr. Freeze, Joker, Mad Hatter and Harley Quinn. One of the best parts is being able to drive the Batmobile!

The trailer opens with Batman’s renowned musical theme and pixelated bats flying at you from the title screen. We already know we’re in for a treat! You’re given a glimpse of all the locations and enemies you will face in the style of Doom, including Arkham Asylum, Mr. Freeze’s lair and the Gotham skyline where the bat signal can be seen in the distance from Wayne Tower.

The creator hasn’t provided a release date, however they have mentioned that it will be soon. You can keep an eye out on Moddb. Whilst waiting for Batman Rogue City why not try Batman Doom created by the early founding of ACE Team who developed Zeno Clash, Clash: Artifacts of Chaos and The Eternal Cylinder.

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