Indie 0xC0DE Releases Electrobots Platformer for Acorn Electron, BBC Micro, BBC Master

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It’s not often you see a new retro game that gets you excited for a particular era, but Electrobots from 0xC0DE has certainly done that for me.

With graphics from the great mid 80s era of Acorn/BBC Micro gaming, Electrobots looks great. 

The year is 4096. 3 Electrobots are searching Terranova for ancient objects. Avoid the aliens and collect all 10 objects. Guide the bots to the exit portal. Good luck!

My own exposure to the BBC Micro was at primary school, where two computers were wheeled between classes once a week. This was in the mid 1980s, when computers were a new tool for education – and expensive. Mostly the games were educational (a fire safety game springs to mind) and often text-based. But when the graphics were in use they always looked as bright, colourful, and unmistakeably 1980s as Electrobots.

Featuring lots of levels, play takes place across themed worlds,  with an impact on how you control the Electrobot. The aim of the game is to recover 10 ancient objects located across the world of Terranova. Collect coins, avoid aliens, and don’t run out of energy. Control is via keyboard, and Electrobots can be played on original devices or emulators.

Check the video above for a sample. You’ll notice some smooth animation of the characters, another visual element that really makes Electrobots stand out. 

Available free from developer 0xC0DE’s GitHub, you can contribute financially to show your satisfaction with the game over on their Kofi page.