Evercade VS Founder Edition Now Available for Order – With Your Name in the Credits!

The Evercade VS Founder Edition is now avaliable to order, with under 20% of the stock for the limited edition, all-black retro console remaining.

As a further enticement, Evercade has given buyers the chance to have their name in the credits of every Evercade VS. This is basically why it’s called “Founder Edition.”

When we came up with the idea for the Evercade VS Founder Edition, we wanted to reward our fans and our most passionate adopters. To give them something that really allows them to become a part of the console and in some way to thank everyone for the passion, dedication and love shown from the community to Evercade since its release a year ago.

People who pre-order the Evercade VS Founder Edition from Funstock will also get the opportunity to have their name in the credits of the Evercade VS. Fully immortalised across every single Evercade VS unit.

We look forward to seeing your name on our TVs on November 3rd 2021.

When the Evercade VS Founder Edition systems have sold out, buyers will be contacted by Funstock (primary stockist of the limited edition) for details. This will include the chance to provide a name for inclusion – perhaps your own name, a popular handle, anything like that. Just make sure it’s not offensive. And if you’re shy, it’s totally optional.

As previously reported, the Evercade VS Founder Edition features:

  • Founder Edition Console (Black)
  • Founder Edition Controller (2x Black)
  • Founder Edition Exclusive Packaging
  • Evercade Handheld Black Link Cable
  • Founder Edition Certificate of Authenticity
  • Two Evercade VS Exclusive Art Cards
  • Evercade Exclusive Founder Edition Poster
  • Steel Book Cartridge Holder
  • Founder Edition Keyring
  • 6 cartridges with over 50 games included:
    • Intellivision Collection 1 (#21)
    • Bitmap Brothers Collection 1 (#22)
    • Technos Arcade 1 (Arcade Series #01)
    • Data East Arcade 1 (Arcade Series #02)
    • Gaelco Arcade 1 (Arcade Series #03)
    • Atari Arcade 1 (Arcade Series #04)

The Evercade VS Limited Founder Edition was launched at 10am BST on Thursday, May 27 and at the time of writing is still available 20 hours later from Funstock.

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