Evercade VS and Playdate Scalpers Are a Thing Now

Evercade VS and Playdate Scalpers Are a Thing Now

Last Updated on July 29, 2021

With the arrival of the Evercade VS later this year, you’d think that everything was happy and rosy in the world of retro gaming. High profile next generation console releases are regularly plagued by controversy, typically unauthorised add-ons, stands, cases, not to mention the bane of Microsoft, Sony, and Nintendo: SCALPERS!

We’re sad to learn that the Evercade VS and the Playdate handheld are now also the target of scalpers on eBay.

First, while checking the price of Evercade cartridges, we spotted the Evercade VS Console Black Founder Edition, listed at £294.99. The actual price of this rare edition of the console for preorder was £164.98 – and astonishing £130 markup by the scalper.

Playdate retro-themed console

Meanwhile, the Playdate, which opened for pre-orders today at $179, is going for $399.99 on eBay right now.

Both of these listings claim that the devices are confirmed orders, which leaves Evercade and Playdate with a potential issue. Is this the tip of the iceberg? Fingers crossed that this issue can be nipped in the bud before these affordable, retro consoles end up going for silly money.

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