Evercade VS User Interface Tour Teases New Retro Console Delights

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Blaze Entertainment has released a great new video that provides a tour of the Evercade VS’s menus.

The Evercade VS release might be delayed, but when it arrives you can be confident of an intuitive user experience of this demo is anything to go by. Taking the viewer through various menus and options, the video is the perfect teaser for anyone who has to wait a few weeks longer than planned.

There are so many new features available to Evercade users on the upcoming Evercade VS User Interface, we thought we’d give you a full tour to know exactly what you can do with your Evercade cartridge collection!

Viewing the demo will also show you the UI for selecting games, which includes a choice of views. As you probably know, the VS features dual cartridge slots; the UI is capable of showing all games, or those on either inserted cartridge. There are also menu options to change the theme of the UI.

Evercade VS is available to preorder now.