Final Fantasy Pixel Remaster Coming to PS4 and Nintendo Switch

Final Fantasy Pixel Remaster Coming to PS4 and Nintendo Switch

Square Enix has confirmed the release of the Final Fantasy pixel remaster on Sony PlayStation 4 and Nintendo Switch later this month. Comprising Final Fantasy I through VI, the pixel remaster series was previously available on Steam, Android, and iOS.

The highlight of this series release combines the magic of the originals with quality-of-life upgrades, all the while staying faithful to the retro design of these masterpieces.

The Final Fantasy series has delighted gamers for over three decades, each game an immersive RPG with spectacular visuals, imaginative worlds, memorable characters and stories, and various technical and gameplay innovations. Final Fantasy games have sold 173 million units worldwide.

Unique features have been added to the PS4 and Nintendo Switch versions, such as the opeion to switch between original and rearranged soundtracks, a choice of in-game fonts, and the ability to switch of random encounters and adjust experience multipliers.

Available for pre-order now, on April 19th you’ll be able to buy all six Final Fantasy pixel remaster games, individually or as a full series. Pre-orders are already open for Nintendo Switch, and buying that version before May 25th, 2023 will get you two wallpapers based on the accompanying games. Buying the full series will bag you 12 wallpapers.

Meanwhile, buying the PS4 version between April 19th and May 25th will bag you a theme and avatar linked to the corresponding games, or six of each with the PS4’s Final Fantasy bundle.

Indiidual titles from the Final Fantasy pixel remaster series can be purchased in the Nintendo eShop but as of the time of writing, there is nothing in the PlayStation Store.

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