First A500 Mini Firmware Update in Testing, ADF Support Likely?

TheA500 Mini

Retro Games Ltd has announced that the first firmware update of the A500 Mini is undergoing testing, with plans to release it as soon as possible.

Testing involves ensuring nothing breaks, resulting in necessary (and expected!) caution. Here’s the announcement update from the RGL Facebook page:

The full A500 mini firmware notice reads:

Just a little end of week update to keep you all ‘in the loop’!

We are in the final testing of the first firmware update #THEA500 mini and as soon as we can, will be releasing it! Obvious we must be sure nothing we are doing in any firmware update breaks something it shouldn’t, hence we have to be cautious before we do release updates!

We are aiming to cover as many things as practical within it you guys have been asking for, such as; more joystick compatibility, a few minor bugs/gripes sorted, plus more ways to access external #retrogaming files…

So, hold that thought, we will do it as soon as we can, and release it as soon as we can!

Thanks to all of you as ever for your ongoing support of what we do!

There has been speculation (prompted by inference from RGL) that the firmware update might bring ADF support to the A500 Mini.

What is an Amiga ADF?

The ADF format stands for Amiga Disk File. It is a disk image format used in the early days of Amiga archiving and emulation, largely overtaken now by WHDLoad (the preferred format for the A500 Mini).

Game ROMs and archived Amiga disks are stored in ADF format, but while most Amiga emulators can run ADFs, the A500 Mini currently cannot. Will this first firmware update for the A500 Mini bring ADF support?

Let’s hope so!