Flying Arrows 2 for Game Boy Launched on Kickstarter

Flying Arrows 2 for Game Boy Launched on Kickstarter

Last Updated on February 28, 2023

It’s very honourable when independent developers continue the legacy of retro consoles and gaming by developing games for older systems. It’s a breath of fresh air for that system as well as staying true to that classic gaming feel.

Just over a week ago, Flying Arrows 2: The Healer’s Journey was announced for Game Boy. Developer StudioLoading began a Kickstarter for the project, just like its prequel last year. For those unfamiliar with this title, Flying Arrows is an archery-based platformer. There is a free downloadable demo available for the first title.

The developer posted a tweet explaining the teasing the project. If you happened to have missed out on the prequel, fear not, as this will be bundled with the new game also!

Here’s what the game is about:

Moon approaches the Earth, causing wild animals to develop intelligence, disarm human weapons and take over the power on earth.  Retaliation for humans now to be imprisoned in zoo-es. 

Player controls the archer, a boy who has been freed by his mom. He is able to use the power of elements and convey it inside his arrows. This power-transfer is made through amulets he got to find.
He starts with the Bow of Wind,  so he is basically able to shoot arrows. Wild Animals keep amulets safe from humans,  he has to defeat em to get those amulets. Amulets are also mandatory to enter into the  final Castle, where his mother is waiting. The castle is where a crazy scientist makes  his work.. is he finding a solution for moon approaching,  or is he the responsible of that?

If he is, why he did that?  Can it be reverted? … more deeply, is it worth to be reverted, at this point ?  
Were humans doing a good job on Earth itself, when they were at the most powerful  position on the chain ?

Fying Arrows 2 will soon be getting a playable demo, as explained on its Kickstarter page. Are you looking forward to this game?

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