Full Void OST Released in Amiga MOD Format

Full Void OST Released in Amiga MOD Format

Last Updated on October 30, 2023

Full Void OST released with a free download in the Amiga MOD audio format.

In a celebration of retro-gaming, OutOfTheBit has released all the tracks from the original soundtrack (OST) of Full Void in the beloved Amiga MOD format. The OST is composed by Robyn Powell, who used her vast knowledge of music trackers to create authentic and distinctive retro sounds.

The Amiga MOD music format is known for its distinctive 8-bit resolution samples and 4 audio channels, which aligns perfectly with the game’s pixel art aesthetic. OutOfTheBit is inviting the community to tweak, modify, and re-imagine the eerie tunes of Full Void (available on PlayStation, Xbox, Steam, and out soon on Evercade), and to share their creations with the world.

Artistic director Ali Motisi reflects on the initiative, saying, “The ’80s and ’90s gaming scene thrived on demos and hands-on creativity, fostering a vibrant community of enthusiasts. Releasing the MOD tracks of Full Void‘s soundtrack is our way of reaching out to this community, supporting the enduring spirit of innovation and shared creativity that defines it. We’re excited to see how the community reimagines Robyn’s haunting compositions.”

Powell was inspired by classic sci-fi films when composing the soundtrack, and her compositions seamlessly accompany the players through the dystopian, machine-ruled landscapes of Full Void. She discusses her choice of the Amiga MOD format, saying, “The limitations of the format allow for further creativity where every note counts. It’s a fun and efficient format that reduces the overall size of the game, thus reducing the loading time. This, along with the unique sound it offers, made it the perfect choice for Full Void’s soundtrack.”

The release of the Full Void OST in Amiga MOD format is a nostalgic yet fresh take on modern gaming, and it is sure to delight fans of retro-gaming and electronic music alike. Grab your free copy from OutOfTheBit Games.

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