GamesMaster: The Oral History to Ship in September

GamesMaster: The Oral History to Ship in September

Backers of GamesMaster: The Oral History will be delighted to know that the book is printed, being warehoused in August, and sent out in September!

Featuring a lot of Dominik Diamond and plenty of thoughts and opinions from many others involved with the classic show – directly and indirectly – GamesMaster: The Oral History was launched on Kickstarter by Darren Wall back in March 2021 and quickly hit its target. The book is hundreds of pages long, features photos, stories, and more insights into the old Channel 4 gaming show.

There’s also a foreword from one Robbie Williams.

Here’s a flavour of the update, emailed out to backers last weekend:

A splendid little update for your Friday evening… It gives me great pleasure to show you a (yes!) finished copy of the GamesMaster: The Oral History. This beautiful machine-bound sample copy (shown below) arrived with me yesterday for approval, swatched in metallic ink and orange foil stamping. It’s a truly beautiful thing. We were chasing the production team for images of the book on press and then we received news that they had completed the project a little ahead of schedule. Hurrah!

On that bombshell, I can also confirm we are on track to receive all books into our UK warehouse in late August, and will begin shipping them out in early September. I shall be in touch in mid-August to remind you to check your address surveys are up to date and to offer exact timings on shipping,but until then please enjoy this teasing gallery of metallic-imbued lithographic excitement

You can still pre-order GamesMaster: The Oral History.

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