Get a Look at the IREM Collection Volume 1 in This New Trailer

Get a Look at the IREM Collection Volume 1 in This New Trailer

Last Updated on May 2, 2023

As previously reported, the first volume of the IREM Collection is coming to Nintendo Switch, as well as Sony PS4 and PS5. Bundling three games (Image Fight, Image Fight II, and X Multiply), the release is a collaboration between ININ Games, Tozai Games, and arcade legends IREM, and is the first of five planned releases.

The new trailer, featured above, gives you a flavour of the IREM Collection Volume 1, which is now available to preorder. In addition, details of the special editions of the game have been unveiled…

Along with the standard physical edition, Strictly Limited Games is issuing exclusively Limited and Collector’s editions of the first IREM Collection.

IREM Collection Volume 1 Limited Edition

Each limited edition comes with an exceptional titlesheet design, an English manual and has been limited to 4,000 individually numbered copies for Nintendo Switch and 1,500 each for PS4 and PS5. This collection is sure to take gaming enthusiasts on a thrilling journey and can be purchased for the price of 34.99€ / $34.99.

(Note that while available for Xbox, that is digital-only; there is no physical release for Microsoft’s console.)

IREM Collection Volume 1 Collector’s Edition

If you want to go big, Strictly Limited Games is offering a big league Collector’s Edition, framing the games and making them complete, with original soundtracks and physical collectibles.

The premium Collector Box is in a 4:3 format to pay tribute to the old school screen ratio, with a magnetic closure to keep all the items safe and exclusive.

Three CDs of original soundtracks sitting in a Digifile, are included, with enough room to showcase every game and its unparalleled music.

Also included is a Visual Compendium, with background info on the games and their history, unique insights and level and character designs. From pixel sprites to context art, it’s all there.

In a separate box is the Collector’s Coin, with a design inspired by classic arcade coins, along with logos and key elements from the games’ visuals.

To round it all out, Retro Print material is included. This gives you things like reprints of flyers from back in the day, mini-DIY reproductions in the style of the NES game box, a marquee sticker, a foil catching the vibe of arcade light panel designs and posters showing the key visual in impressive size.

These editions are going to be limited to 2,000 individually numbered copies for Nintendo Switch and 999 each for PS4 and PS5. All for the unbeatable price of €89.99 / $89.99.

Exclusive slip cases

Each set comes in a sleek, exclusive slip case design, matched with later releases in the series, making it the perfect choice for collectors looking to add something special to their gaming shelves.

However, fans need to act fast if they want to get their hands on these limited physical editions. The Limited Edition bundle will only have 3,000 individually numbered copies available for Nintendo Switch, and 1,000 copies for each PS4 and PS5 console at a price of 159.99€ / $159.99. For serious collectors, the Collector’s Edition bundle is limited to just 1,000 copies for Nintendo Switch and 500 copies for each of the PS4 and PS5 consoles, with a price tag of 429.99€ / $429.99.

If you’re keen to secure your copy of the irem Collection Volume 1 get to now to pre-order, and don’t hang about – with limited quantities available, these sets are sure to sell out in record time!

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