Get Ready for LEGO Mario Donkey Kong!

Get Ready for LEGO Mario Donkey Kong!

A teaser video by the LEGO Company dropped just under a week ago showcasing a new series of LEGO Mario Donkey Kong figures, meaning the expansive Super Mario LEGO series will gain beloved characters and a bunch of new play sets.

LEGO’s official Twitter launched the video, teasing at some of Donkey Kong‘s characters figures including Donkey Kong (obviously!) Cranky Kong, Diddy Kong, Daisy Kong and even Funky Kong. Whilst only close ups have been revealed for each character, there’s no telling what special features this series will bring us.

Previously, we have had LCD battery-operated figures for Mario, Luigi, and Daisy so it would make sense if the Kong crew followed the same formula.

From the video it’s also worth noticing that Diddy Kong’s tail has some form of extension on it. Could this be a way for this figure to interact with play sets? The only way to be sure is to wait for the next announcement.

Some LEGO Mario Donkey Long sets are already available to pre-order online.

If you’re still new to the LEGO Super Mario series, there are still plenty of play sets to discover such as the classic Mario ones, Bowser’s Castle, Bowser’s Airship, and Luigi’s Mansion. Sets can also connect, meaning you can expand your world of Super Mario as you collect. With the Donkey Kong series on the way, it looks like the line-up will only get bigger and better!

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