GoldenEye 007 Dev Talk at The Computer Museum This Weekend

A talk by members of the GoldenEye 007 development team is set to take place on Saturday (May 7th, 2022) which includes a hugely impressive four-screen multiplayer set up!

Taking place at The Computer Museum in Cambridge, the now fully-booked event features Martin Hollis, Dr. David Doak, and Brett Jones, who will discuss the development of the game in an over-18s-only event.

The event will showcase a unique four screen/four player GoldenEye 007 set up, development documents from the game (donated by Martin Hollis), art by Brett Jones, and even a running version of GoldenEye Remastered for the Xbox 360! And if you want something really unusual, there’s the chance to play the Japanese version of GoldenEye.

The talk starts at 7:30pm and will last for approximately 1hr with an opportunity for questions afterwards. The museum will stay open until 10:30pm giving you the chance to view the exhibition, or even play the developers at their own game! Be warned, we know Martin is pretty good!

Around the museum will be development documents from the game, promotional items and obviously the game itself for you to play and enjoy with other GoldenEye fans! 

Development Documents
On display around the museum will be displays of documentation from the development of the game donated to the museum by Martin Hollis.

Concept Art
We’ll also be displaying some fantastic concept art created by Brett Jones.

4 Screen GoldenEye
We’ll have a unique 4 screen / 4 Player version of GoldenEye running on original hardware that has never been seen before!

GoldenEye Japan
Ever played the Japanese release of GoldenEye? You’ll have the opportunity!

Lord Conrad’s Brewery
Our favourite beer brewer will be here serving his unique ales throughout the night so you can sit and enjoy the talk with a drink in hand!

To Be Confirmed
We are also hoping to have a fully playable version of GoldenEye Remastered for the Xbox 360! Sadly, this remake was cancelled and never officially released due to complicated rights issues, but we’ll have it running on original Xbox 360 development kit for your enjoyment!

As mentioned, this event is now sold out. Hopefully, however, The Computer Museum might arrange for some or all of the event to be uploaded to YouTube for those of us that cannot make it.

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