Gorgeous 2D Adventure, Suite Macabre, released for MSX on Itch.io

If you fancy starting the year off with a solid puzzle platformer, let me direct you to Suite Macabre for the MSX computer.

You play as Dr. Kowalski’s unnamed assistant, tasked with finding the Dr in the eerie abandoned Dunwich Hotel. As you’re not exactly a fighter, you’ll need to avoid all manner of critters on your quest to track down the Dr and unearth what they were up to ‘in the name of science!’.

The MSX’s plethora of bleeps and bloops do a surprisingly good job of setting the creepy hotel vibe.

Although not a comedy by any means, I love the humor scattered throughout, whether through dialogue or events like a mirror ‘wolf whistling’ when you pass by. There’s even a small selection of bosses to defeat. I don’t want to spoil anything, but they are all fun, challenging battles that will test your precision platforming skills.

Suite Macabre is packed full of little details that bring the hotel to life and make the world a joy to explore, even if you get a little lost.

If you want to try Suite Macabre out yourself, you can purchase it from the project’s Itch.io page

Note you will need an MSX computer or a suitable emulator (BlueMSX, for example) to run the game.

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