HAMSTER Brings Prehistoric Punch-Out with Arcade Archives Dinorex

HAMSTER Brings Prehistoric Punch-Out with Arcade Archives Dinorex

Last Updated on November 17, 2023

HAMSTER has unleashed Dinorex, a primordial fighting game from 1992, onto the Nintendo Switch and PlayStation 4. Dinorex joins the ever-expanding Arcade Archives series, a collection of faithfully recreated arcade classics for modern consoles.

(Dinorex has also recently been issued as part of the Taito Milestones 2 collection.)

About Arcade Archives Dinorex

In the prehistoric realm of Dinorex, six mighty dinosaurs clash for the title of Dino Rex, the undisputed king of the land. Players choose from these formidable fighters, each with unique strengths and abilities, and battle it out to win the heart of the Amazoness Queen.

Various egg-shaped items and weapons scattered throughout the arenas offer strategic advantages in the heat of battle. Master the timing and techniques of your chosen dinosaur and unleash a flurry of prehistoric power to claim victory.

Dinorex key keatures:

  • Choose from 6 unique dinosaurs, each with distinct fighting styles.
  • Battle through a series of prehistoric arenas to claim the title of Dino Rex.
  • Collect egg-shaped items and weapons to gain an edge in battle.
  • Engage in intense 2-player battles.

Intended for 1-2 players, Dinorex has a November 16th launch date for Nintendo Switch and PS4. Learn more from the Arcade Archives website, and check your console’s online store to purchase or add to a list for later.

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