Home Computer Heroes Collection 1 Announced for Evercade

Home Computer Heroes Collection 1 Announced for Evercade

Last Updated on August 6, 2023

As part of the July Evercade Showcase, the Home Computer Heroes Collection 1 has been announced. This collection features seven titles released on Commodore 64, MSX, and Amiga.

Strictly speaking, these seven games span 28 years, although Citadel Remonstered is an update of the original game.

  • Attack of the PETSCII Robots (Amiga, 2022)
  • Bridge Strike (Amiga, 2020)
  • Citadel Remonstered (Amiga, 2022)
  • Tanks Furry (Amiga, 2016)
  • Farming Simulator (Commodore 64, 2019)
  • Planet X2 (Commodore 64, 2017)
  • The Sword of Ianna (MSX, 2016)

Home Computer Heroes Collection 1 games

Here’s a few more details about the seven titles on the collectionL:

Attack of the PETSCII Robots

Released on Evercade in its Amiga incarnation, this is a single player game combining action and strategy to defeat all the robots. You’ll need to use guile and intellect as well as quick fire to overcome these robots.

Planet X2

Originally released for C64, this single player title puts you in the seat of a planetary coloniser, and the locals don’t want to share.

Farming Simulator: C64 Edition

A version of Farming Simulator 19 originall released as promotional material for the game, this is an 8-bit remake that offers the same depth as the original. Just don’t run out of fuel, seeds or funding as you life like a farmer.

The Sword of Ianna

Originally intended for MSX, this single player adventure requires you to guide Jarkum on a quest to overcome chaos, in the name of the goddess Ianna.

Citadel Remonstered

This Amiga FPS first hit shelves back in 1995, before being updated in 2022. This is an enhanced release, with more action and mayhem.

Tanks Furry

For one to four players, this armoured battle challenge is an arcade style, top-down experience which is best enjoyed in multiplayer mode.

Bridge Strike

An arcade Amiga shooter, Bridge Strike recalls many classic air shooters, from 1942 to Desert Strike, as you challenge enemies in the air, on land, and in the water.

Preorder Home Computer Heroes Collection 1

The collection is set for release in October 2023 and is available to pre-order from today, August 1st, 2023. Head to the Evercade website for details of where to buy.

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