Retro Fighter C64 Fighting Game Engine Demoed on YouTube

Retro Fighter C64 Fighting Game Engine Demoed on YouTube

Last Updated on March 10, 2022

C64 developer RetroGL has been working on a fighting (versus) game engine, a system for producing games in the style of Street Fighter. The latest version of the engine has been demoed in a new YouTube upload, and it looks really impressive!

Designed for producing fighting games with combination moves and a single joystick button, this potential for this game engine is considerable. With this demo, RetroGL adds the following notes:

Hi guys, some few changes to my fighting engine:

– better sprite multiplexer
– new UI
– new kind of hits for both players and projectiles
– preparing-for-battle and dazed sequences for each player

I know that, in the previous video, I promised a new demo release, but I prefer to do it in the next video, where the game will run on cartridge so it will be more enjoyable 🙂

Graphics used in all my demo comes from the commercial game “SNK vs CAPCOM: Match of the Millenium”, so all rights about graphic are reserved to their owners (CAPCOM and SNK).

It’s worth checking out the RetroGL YouTube channel and maybe even subscribing for updates and news of the first official release.


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