ININ, Tozai, IREM Combine to Release IREM Collections

ININ, Tozai, IREM Combine to Release IREM Collections

Last Updated on April 25, 2023

The first volume of the IREM Collections will be along later this year, a collaboration between ININ Games, Tozai Games, and arcade legends IREM. Five volumes are planned, each boasting arcade classics, some of which have never been released in the West before now.

Sadly, many IREM games failed to cross the Pacific, or make it to Europe, which is why this announcement is pretty spectacular. Retro gamers get the chance to finally play some of the games that have hitherto been withheld, from the comfort of their current gen consoles.

The first volume of IREM Collections will contain Image Fight, Image Fight II, and X Multiply, and will be available for PS4/5, Nintendo Switch and Xbox. Here’s a reminder of these games:

  • Image Fight: Relive the golden age of shoot-em-up arcade games as you play a pilot fighting against an alien invasion. This collection also contains Image Fight in its 1990 PC Engine version (previously only available in Japan), and the 1990 NES version (sold in Japan and North America).
  • Image Fight II: Dive deeper into the narrative with new enemies, improved graphics and gameplay.
  • X Multiply: Explore a new biological world with unique gameplay mechanics – such as tentacles that can be used as weapons or a shield.

With stunning old school graphics and unforgettable soundtracks, these playable classics are coming in digital and physical editions – no doubt with Strictly Limited Games’ usual premium collection to consider too.

(Note that there is no physical edition planned for Xbox.)

We’ll have more news on this release as we get it.

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