Is Evercade VS a New Console or Something Else?

Is Evercade VS a New Console or Something Else?

Last Updated on March 26, 2021

Evercade is launching a new device. But what is it? Simply revealing the name “Evercade VS” on Twitter, Evercade has inspired endless speculation. But all we really know is that we’ll know more on April 23rd.

While you’ve been refreshing the Evercade website to find out when the Codemasters Collection will finally arrive, Evercade itself has been busy developing something else.

But what could Evercade VS be? Some suggestions:

  • A brand new Evercade handheld device with some sort of multiplayer system (maybe wireless/NFC)
  • An Evercade game console for static use, perhaps with 4K capability and compatibility with existing cartridges
  • Perhaps a hardware add-on for the Evercade console
  • Might there actually be a clue in the name Evercade VS? It’s could be a two-player gaming system, either a home console or a networkable replacement/upgrade to the original hardware
  • Could Evercade VS be an online gaming network detached from the (non-networked) handheld?
  • Or could VS refer to a new handheld with a vertical screen?

Simply, we don’t know. No one outside of Evercade does. Whatever the Evercade VS is, it is already likely to disappoint some people. The rumourmill has gone into overdrive.

We’re confident that whatever Evercade is teasing here will turn out to be excellent, but for now we’re just hoping we can buy one this year. In the meantime, head to to sign up for updates.

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