Is It Time to Try the Evercade Magazine, Evercade Evolution?

If you’re a fan of the Evercade retro gaming consoles and you haven’t already picked up a copy, now is a great time to try the fanmade Evercade magazine, Evercade Evolution.

Produced by the team behind the Evercade Info Central community site, Evercade Evolution can be read free online or you can support the publication by buying it in print or for Kindle on Amazon. The tone of the magazine is “Tongue in cheek nostalgic fun,” and isn’t that really just what we all want when we’re not mashing buttons?

Currently up to its fifth edition, Evercade Evolution is the must-have publication for anyone keen on the original Evercade, Evercade VS, and Evercade EXP. Significantly (and slightly bewilderingly) it’s also the only Evercade magazine available right now.

Evercade Evolution 5 features:

  • Evercade Chronicle – Retro Video Game News
  • Vaughan’s 8 Bits And 16 Bobs – Is the Evercade Dead (Spoiler alert, no it isn’t)
  • Roger’s Update – The latest news from the Evercade Fans Hub Facebook page
  • Erik’s High Score Club
  • Atari Collection 2 – Cart Review
  • Atari Collection 2 – Game Reviews
  • Scott Rhoades Interview – Former creative writer at Atari
  • From Fairchild to Pong – Vaughan take a trip down memory lane
  • Competition Time – Your chance to win 2 great Evercade carts
  • Atari Arcade 1 – Cart Review
  • Atari Arcade 1 – Game Reviews
  • Just For YouTube – Interview with Thunderm00se

We’re fortunate to live in a time where self-publishing and crowdfunding are such pleasant bedfellows. While there isn’t a print version of Evercade Evolution, many other retro gaming publications are currently issued, in print and digitally.

Think Zzap64!, Amiga Addict, Pixel Addict, Sega Powered, and many others. They’re all great, manned by passionate believers in retro gaming, and harken back to the great days of computer and console magazines without letting the legacy weight them down.

So, if you’re keen on the Evercade and like the vibe of classic gaming mags that don’t take things too seriously, give Evercade Evolution a read. Find out more at

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