It’s Time for You to Become a Pixel Addict

It’s Time for You to Become a Pixel Addict

Last Updated on July 21, 2022

Issue 4 of Pixel Addict is out now and if you’re new to this independent printed magazine now, is the time to dive in.

If you’ve been lookin in envy at Amiga Addict but don’t have any interest in the computer, Pixel Addict is a more general look at retro computers and consoles, and is published by the same group.

Better still, like Amiga Addict, Pixel Addict can be bought online or in WHSmith.

Pixel Addict issue 4 features:

  • The birth of the British gaming industry with special guests, Jeff Minter of Llamasoft and Mark Eyles from Quicksilva!
  • The Greatest Classic Game Of All Time. We pit some of the best classic games up against each other to discover Pixel Addict’s personal favourites!
  • ZX Spectrum 40th birthday event show report.
  • Street Fighter movies versus comparison.
  • Before There Was Metaverse There Was Cybertown.
  • The hidden triumph of NeXT, Inc.
  • New gaming column: Homebrew Heroes with Marc Jowett.
  • The Hitchhiker’s Guide To The Galaxy Special 5-page feature.
  • Origins: the retro gaming and computing background story of the new Pixel Addict editor Paul Monaghan.
  • The Sony PEG-UX50 Palmtop history.
  • Classic Apple Mac with the Power Macintosh G3.
  • Atari Panther console retrospective.
  • Persisting With Vision: The history of Virtual Reality.
  • The North-West Computer Museum.
  • RetroFlag GPi emulation case review.
  • Emberheart of Apogee game remakes fame.
  • Ex-Ocean software’s Simon Butler.
  • Plus lots lots more..!

Issue 4 was released on June 30th, so act fast to pick up your copy as details for issue 5 will no doubt be along soon. If you can’t reach your local WHSmith, you can buy Pixel Addict online and even purchase a subscription.

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