Lara Croft Graces the Cover of Retro Gamer 245!

Lara Croft Graces the Cover of Retro Gamer 245!

Last Updated on April 20, 2023

For years a lone voice in support of retro gaming, the latest Retro Gamer is out now, and features a stunning roster of features.

There is literally something for everyone: classic PC gamers get a Tomb Raider 2 feature; Amiga lovers get a Zool feature; arcade lovers get Ms Pac-Man, and inevitably there is a Resident Evil 4 feature.

I think that line up proves just how healthy retro gaming is in 2023. It’s superb!

If you want to beam that lot into your visual sensors, you’ll find Retro Gamer issue 245 on newstands (usually WHSmith and supermarkets) and its available to read online if you have a Readly subscription. Meanwhile, you can also order online from Magazines Direct.

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