LEGO Pac-Man Arcade Machine Looks Amazing, Photos Blurry

LEGO Pac-Man Arcade Machine Looks Amazing, Photos Blurry

Last Updated on April 23, 2023

Could a LEGO Pac-Man arcade machine be joining the Atari 2600, Mario NES, and Sonic the Hedgehog kits?

Well, it certainly appears to be on the cards. Following a rumour that did the rounds back in March, the Brickfinder Instagram page has shared images of what appears to be a LEGO arcade machine with Pac-Man running.

Sadly the photos are pretty blurry, but given the fact there is a joystick, it is possible the kit features a “playable” version of Pac-Man. If that isn’t clear, take a look at what LEGO did with its NES:

The LEGO Pac-Man arcade machine is expected to be released June 1st, with an RRP of $269.99, so UK buyers can probably expect it at £299.99.

At the very least, with a sturdy-looking build like that, you could repurpose it with a Raspberry Pi and IPS display and enjoy genuine arcade classics…

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