Mariupol Computer Museum Bombed by Russia, Classic Systems Destroyed

Mariupol Computer Museum Bombed by Russia, Classic Systems Destroyed

Last Updated on March 24, 2022

Sad news for anyone with an interest of computing in Eastern Europe during the Soviet era. The Mariupol computer museum has become a victim of the Russian invasion of Ukraine, in an act of cultural destruction.

As reported by Twitter user @Lord_Arse, the privately owned collection of more than 500 items that took 20 years to assemble, has been destroyed.

It has been reported that the Mariupol Computer Museum in Ukraine, a privately owned collection of over 500 items of retro computing, consoles and technology from the 1950s to the early 2000s, a collection nearly 20 years in the making, has been destroyed by a bomb.

The news was first shared in the it8bitclub on Facebook earlier this week.

Salute to the retoroman!
That’s it, the Mariupol computer museum is no longer there (
All that is left from my collection that I have been collecting for 15 years is just a fragments of memories on the FB page, website and radio station of the museum.
I will try to continue supporting RetroBit website and radio, but life will now have completely different priorities.
There is neither my museum nor my house ((( and it hurts, but I will definitely survive it and find a new home!

We hope the founder of the museum is able to find a new home and safety, which must take priority over any feelings retro computer lovers might have over the act of wanton destruction. Times, sadly, have changed, but let’s take a look at the museum three years ago.

Let’s remember the museum as it was, and for what it represented.

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