Medieval RTS Stronghold “Definitive Edition” Is in Development

Image from Steam

Classic castle simulator and RTS Stronghold is being updated for current gen systems.

Although usually described as a ‘Castle Sim,’ 2001’s Stronghold is a Medieval RTS with a skew toward building and community management. It’s a fresh take on many RTS concepts, and the title has a passionate fanbase.

FireFly Studios, the original creators of Stronghold, are working on a “Definitive Edition” of the title, and the best part of this news is it should be out this year!

Along with upgraded graphics and extra features, FireFly Studios are adding a brand-new campaign, remastered audio, and a ton of QoL features. Original Voice Actors are reprising their roles too, which is always great to see.

One of the most significant changes to Stronghold is the inclusion of online multiplayer. Playing with your friends was ‘technically’ possible before, but it wasn’t built in and was an arduous process to set up. It seems FireFly Studios are happy to let players’ creativity run wild with Steam Workshop support advertised from the get-go.

The Steam Workshop allows users to create their own content for games and is readily accessible to the whole community. There are some incredibly talented folk out there, and the thought of new modes, maps, and units should excite every RTS fan out there.

If you’re interested in Stronghold: Definitive Edition, you can wishlist the title on Steam. The title is due to be released 7th November 2023.

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