Mega Drive SHMUP Classic Re-released in Steel Empire Chronicles

Mega Drive SHMUP Classic Re-released in Steel Empire Chronicles

Strictly Limited Games, in collaboration with Mebius and Starfish, has announced pre-orders for the Steel Empire – Chronicles exclusive and highly limited boxed editions.

This extraordinary collection features Steel Empire, along with the thrilling addition of Over Horizon, and is slated for a Spring 2023 release. Enthusiastic collectors can now pre-order their exclusive Limited Edition, starting on Sunday the 9th of April, only via Strictly Limited Games, and it will be the only physical version of the game.

In Steel Empire: The Motorhead, an empire controls most of the world with an iron fist, but the Republic of Silverhead still offers hope and freedom. The story is a remarkable shoot ’em up narrative of the free world sending a solitary pilot to save the day and bring peace and harmony to everyone. The story is displayed in an old sepia-toned film newsreel filled with fictitious historical references that set the mood. As per the Strictly Limited Games tradition, the physical releases will enhance this even further.

Steel Empire Chronicles features:

  • Rewind feature
  • Quicksave and –load
  • Graphic filters/shaders
  • Technical optimizations
  • Flickering reduction
  • Steel Empire (Sega Mega Drive 1992)
  • Steel Empire (Game Boy Advance 2005)
  • Steel Empire (Remake 2018)
  • Over Horizon (1991)

Developed by the same developers as Steel Empire and released exclusively in Japan and Germany in 1991 for the Famicom/NES, Over Horizon is a classic shoot ’em up that delivers an atmospheric and colorful gaming experience.

Steel Empire Chronicles limited editions

The exclusively limited editions of Nintendo Switch™ and PlayStation® 4 (PS4) can be found only on the Strictly Limited Games store!

The Limited Edition is priced at 39.99€ / $39.99 and is limited to 1,300 individually numbered copies for PS4 and 3,000 individually numbered copies for Nintendo Switch. Customers can choose between two cover variants showcasing the Steel Empire Chronicles title sheet or the classic Over Horizon title sheet.

The Special Limited Edition is priced at 59.99€ / $59.99 and is limited to 700 copies for PS4 and 2,000 copies for Nintendo Switch. It features a collector’s edition box in the shape of a Mega Drive case with multiple collectors’ items, including the soundtrack for all games included in the collection.

The Special Limited Edition will include: –

  • Game for Nintendo Switch or PlayStation 4
  • Colorful Game Manual
  • Poster A2 of the key visuals of Over Horizon and Steel Empire
  • Soundtrack of Steel Empire MD and Over Horizon
  • And more!

Both editions are available to pre-order now, with expected shipping in Spring 2023, concurrent with the game’s launch.

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